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Minimum Wage in Washington

The 2020 Minimum Wage in the state of Washington is $13.50 per hour. Washington employers must pay most employees at least the minimum wage for every hour worked.

2020 minimum wage announcement poster

Local Minimum Wage Rates

Some local jurisdictions have higher minimum wage rates and different labor rules than Washington state. The more generous minimum wage may apply in these localities:


The minimum wage applies to all jobs, including those in agriculture.

L&I provides materials to help employers inform workers about minimum wage and their rights as workers. Employers are required to post a "Your Rights as a Worker" poster in the workplace, which supplies general information about employment issues. An optional minimum wage poster is also available for employers. Both are free from L&I.


L&I enforces the state's wage-and-hour laws. The agency investigates all wage-payment complaints.


More information on Washington's minimum wage visit L&I's website:

Employers and workers may also call 360-902-5316 or 1-866-219-7321.



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