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ALERT (3/19/24, 12:55 PM): Project HELP's Toll-free line has continued to experience some disruption related to an upcoming move to a new phone service provider. For the time being, incoming calls will continue to go to voicemail where you can request a call-back.

If you wish to schedule a callback at a specific time, you may also message us via our website or email us directly at:

NOTICE: Professionals working within the workers' compensation community; we need your input to ensure the 2024 Meeting of the Minds Conference this autumn is tailored to the needs of our attendees. If you are not signed-up to the conference mailing list, look for the submission form on the Meeting of the Minds Conference tab and while you're there take our survey.

Project HELP offers free, impartial, and high-quality information to anyone with claim-specific questions or concerns as well as general information about Washington state industrial insurance (workers' compensation) for work-related injuries or occupational disease.

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Eligibility for structured settlement: injured workers must be 50 years old or older and have an accepted L&I claim that is at least 180 days old. 

Trainings and Educational Opportunities

Looking for a free training or presentation about the workers' compensation process for your organization or group?


Wanting to learn about basic rights and responsibilities regarding work-related injuries and the claims process?


In the last 6 months of 2023 alone, Project HELP put on 96 free trainings or presentations for organizations around Washington state. As of March 2024, 105+ free Project HELP workshops or presentations have already been scheduled through 2024 and we are able to accommodate more.


Now is your chance to secure a training session or presentation by getting on the Project HELP Director's Calendar. 


Call our office to make requests or use our contact form.

Project Help Bilingual Services

Our office provides bilingual services.


Contact our office for more information.



(Press 1 for Spanish)

Updates & More!
Black and Yellow Bordered World Day for
DOSH complaints can now be filed and submitted online.  

The online capability for filing complaints, is available in both English and Spanish, for reporting alleged safety and health hazards and/or for workers who believe they have been retaliated against because they have exercised their workplace safety and health rights.

To learn more click here (English)

To learn more click here (Spanish)

Migrant Farm Worker Mexico Arizona Reute
H-2A Guest Workers in Washington State

Labor and Industries and the Division of Occupational Safety and Health released three videos (English/Spanish) which provides important information about their rights in the workplace, safety and health and workers' compensation

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*To help improve our outreach efforts, we encourage those who contact Project HELP to inform us how they became aware of our services (L&I website, general online search, referral by union, referral by clinic, referral by other organization, informational flyer, etc...)*

Call at your convenience to speak with a Claims Specialist

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*Please leave a voicemail if we are experiencing high call volumes at the time of your call

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