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Project HELP is a department of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO.


Our services are a cooperative effort between the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO and the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries to provide free, impartial, and reliable workers' compensation information to all interested parties.


Our services are not just for union members; we proudly provide our services to all workers, employers, vocational counselors, providers, and members of the public. 

*To help improve our outreach efforts, we encourage those who contact Project HELP to inform us how they became aware of our services (L&I website, general online search, referral by union, referral by clinic, referral by other organization, informational flyer, etc...)*

How We Can Help

Through our toll-free line, Project HELP assists people throughout Washington state at any phase of the workers' compensation claim process. Our staff have security clearance to view claim files at the Department of Labor and Industries which allows us to offer high-quality and relevant information.


This includes state fund and self-insured claims; help is offered and open to all.  


Assistance is provided from the  initial 

filing of a claim,  to claim closure.


When you are injured or looking for information regarding Washington's workers' compensation...


Project HELP is a valuable resource for all.

Project HELP

Since 1986, the Project HELP department of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO has been providing educational and one-on-one claims assistance to all interested persons.


One of our goals is to provide "sure and certain relief for workers" injured on the job and their families and dependents.


We work to expedite claims resolution, early return-to-work, and promote safe and healthy workplaces. Be advised, we are not attorneys and do not provide representation.

Listening Ear

Staff takes the time to listen!


We provide reliable and timely information, listen, and answer questions  -  free of charge.


We can provide education and guidance throughout the claims process.


Project HELP strives to expedite successful claims resolution, ensure that all rights are preserved and protected, and reduce unnecessary litigation.


Project HELP is providing this website as a public service and we make an effort to have it contain useful and interesting information. To protect ourselves we make this dislcaimer, basically you must assume all the risks associated with using this website. It is understood legal advice can only be given by an attorney. Project HELP Staff are not attorneys and do not give legal advice and will not give legal advice in any capacity. The Project HELP office will not make any representation whatsoever, expressed or implied, about the possible outcomes of claims and cannot make any suggestions of recommendations, express or implied, to accept or reject any terms of a structured settlement offer. The inclusion of attorney/lawyer list(s) is in no way an endorsement by Project HELP. Please remember every situation based on fact is different; the laws are complex and constantly changing.


This website is not intended to answer every question for every situation that comes up and cannot be relied on as an end to seek legal advice. It is not a substitute for experienced, knowledgeable and practiced legal counsel. Project HELP shall not be liable for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use or misuse of the website and/or the information contained in it. Additionally, Project HELP is not responsible for any information located at any website and shall not be liable for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from your accessing other websites from our website. 

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