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Program and Services

Free Workers' Compensation Education and Assistance since 1986

Project HELP is a free resource for injured workers, unions, employers, and other interested parties that provides information and assistance regarding entitlements under the Workers’ Compensation Laws of Washington State,  Revised Code of Washington, (RCW) Title 51. ​


The goal of Project HELP is to facilitate early claims resolution, and to not only get benefits to injured workers quickly, but also "ensure they get the medical treatment they need to return to health and employment."

We Can Help By:


  • Providing information about rights and responsibilities within the claims process


  • Offering education and information on both state fund and self-insured claims


  • Assistance for English and Spanish speaking communities


  • Informally assisting anyone in resolving benefit disputes


  • Explaining the claims process, protest & appeal rights


  • Helping to reduce unnecessary litigation


 If you need assistance with a Washington state workers' compensation claim, contact                            Project Help:  1- 800-255-9752*

*Please leave a voicemail to get on our callback list if we are experiencing high call volumes.

Project Help is available to help you with your vital questions and concerns in an unbiased environment.



One-on-one claim guidance...​Project HELP provides resources and guidance to injured workers in Washington state. We can walk you through the claim process, and help you understand your rights and responsibilities within Washington state's workers’ compensation system.


​Our office can help give you the tools and information you need to navigate your claim through the Labor and Industries system, work to expedite claims resolution for English and Spanish speaking individuals.


We work in collaboration with department staff and a liaison to provide individual claims assistance on your behalf.


The objective is to help increase your awareness and ensure that your rights are preserved as you progress through your claim.


Project HELP staff can help you with your vital questions and concerns.

Claims Support


The Washington workers’ compensation system provides important benefits to injured workers and their families who have suffered an occupational injury or disease, which can seem daunting and troublesome. Not being prepared can have a great effect on your claim.​


Typically, claims are resolved without any problems, but when a combination of complex laws and claims issues come together, it may create a situation that is anything but normal. Knowing how Washington's workers' compensation processes works  will help you to make informed decisions and help ensure access to benefits to which you may be entitled.


​We provide balanced and reliable information, giving ordinary people the opportunity to understand their rights responsibilities in easy to understand terms.



Education & Training


In conjunction with Labor and Industries representatives, we provide various educational opportunities throughout the entire state.


Our free seminars, workshops, and other educational programs offer a fundamental view of the workers’ compensation system. Programs cover a broad range of assistance; from claim filing procedures, workers' rights and responsibilities, return-to-work opportunities and other informational topics presented in an unbiased format.​​


All educational formats can be modified to meet your specific needs and audience: staff, workers, representatives, patients.

Our trainings can be either online or in person at your physical therapy clinic, union hall, business office, etc...

We accept requests for multiple workshops or a continuing series of workshops, subject to calendar availability. Plan ahead and get on our calendar today!

For more information or to schedule a workshop, please contact:


Jessica Gallardo

Project Help Director


Kathy Petruzzelli

Senior Claims Specialist




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