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Project HELP's free services are available for both state fund and self-insured claims.  Our assistance is provided to both union and non-represented workers' throughout all of Washington state.  Project HELP provides assistance on Washington state workers' compensation. Project HELP staff are not attorneys and do not offer representational services.

How can I look at my claim online?

My L&I: This online application allows authorized users to check the status of a workplace injury claim and gives employees access to their account, including rates and classifications. To sign-up click here


How do I protest a claim?

How to protest a Department of Labor and Industries decision - Fact sheet: Explains how an injured worker can protest decisions on their claim and gives deadlines for taking action.



Do I have rights on my claim?

An overview flyer of workers' compensation - Rights & Responsibilities is provided for your reference.

Note: This is not an all-inclusive list.



How can I dispute a decision from a Self-Insured employer?

The self-insurer must communicate in writing on department templates to inform workers within 5 days of taking action involving the following benefits:

Calculation of worker’s monthly wage - Starting, stopping, or denying time-loss - Acceptance or denial of a contended condition - Authorization or denial of treatment - Assessment of underpayment or overpayment.


If the worker disagrees, write to the Dept. of Labor and Industries (L&I) within 60 days. Send to Self-Insured Claims: PO Box 44829, Olympia, WA 98504-4892. CC, your Third Party Administer (TPA).

How can I give permission for another person or family member to discuss or access my claim information?

Consent Form - Release of information

Used by the worker to designate/authorize a person(s) to access their worker's compensation claim information.



Do I need an attorney?


Hiring an attorney is a personal choice; many concerns can be addressed independently, or you may choose to have representation.  This list is for reference only and is not intended as a recommendation of attorneys.

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