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Common Mistakes Claimants Make


Below are some of the mistakes people make in their claims process. If you have questions or need information about any of these common mistakes (or anything else), call our toll-free number for assistance.
Image by Waldemar Brandt

1. Not Applying Timely


There are clear timeframes for filing injury claims and occupational disease claims - missing information can have an impact on claim eligibility.  Some individuals do not know or understand their protest rights to a decision; you may request reconsideration (protesting) of an Order of Notice if you disagree by submitting a timely written request.

2. Not Knowing Your Options, Accepting No - as the last solution


Not asking for reconsideration (protesting) of an Order of Notice if you disagree. Some individuals do not know or understand their Protests rights to a decision.

3. Missing the Chance to Dispute, Protest, or Appeal


Timelines are important, missing the deadlines to dispute, protest, or appeal a decision you disagree with can affect your claim. You only have 60 days to submit your petition. 

Signing Contract

4. Required Documents


Filling out claim forms incorrectly, not filling out or sending in forms, inconsistency in information - these are just a few examples.

5. Treatment Not Authorized


Receiving treatment before authorization - it may be possible individuals might find the medical bills are not covered.

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