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Formerly known as Claim & Account Center  

Injured workers in Washington state can review their claims online -- although not all self-insured claims may be accessible. Set up your user ID and password, and then you can view your claim information.  If you need assistance accessing your claim information online, call the Claim and Account Center Helpline at 360-902-5999.

You can always contact Project HELP for impartial and confidential information, advice, guidance, or concerns about a claim or your rights and responsibilities within the claims process.

There are also various entities within the Department of Labor and Industries that can provide information.
Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals


Workers' compensation appeals can be filed online at the Board of Industrial Insurance appeals website.

Safety & Health Investment Projects (SHIP) Grant cycle is open now until March 31, 2023.

It is time to take your injury prevention or return to work efforts to the next level. Receive funding for your project to keep Washington workers safe and working. 

Coming up with a great idea is the hard part; applying for a SHIP grant is easy. The grants are capped at $175,000, and the projects must be completed in 18 months.

Download an application or call 360-902-5588.

Safety & Health SHIP Grant Application
Return-to-Work SHIP Grant Application

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