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These resources are available for your use; if you downloaded documents for another site, we would appreciate it if you provide link to our site and reference Project Help.
Thank you.

For more information our flyer and brochure are available under the Resource tab.

Disclaimer: It is understood legal advice can only be given by an attorney.  Project Help Staff are not attorneys and do not give legal advice and will not give legal advice in any capacity......Please refer to full disclaimer in the About Project Help page.

Publications - Frequently Requested Forms:


Affidavit for Time Loss - Completed by the injured workers contending eligibility for payment of back time loss benefits for a period that exceeds six months or $25,000.

Travel Reimbursement Request - Bill form for use by workers to request reimbursement for authorized travel expenses.

Loss of Earning Power (LEP) Application - Completion of this form is not a guarantee of benefits.  Payment of benefits will be decided by your claim manager.

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