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The Project HELP team is putting together a jam-packed event featuring key decision makers and regional leaders who will share their insights on the topics and changes regarding workers' compensation in our state.  Our conference gives professionals in the workers' compensation community and related interested groups high quality information at an affordable price.

 Meeting of the Minds
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“Here in the Pacific Northwest we are stronger by working closely together, and our relationships are more complete because of the continuing labor/management partnerships in the major sectors of the worker’s compensation system throughout our state”.


Larry Brown, President Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO 2022



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Check back in early 2024 for more details.

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Past topics and presenters have included:


Presumptive Laws (2022)
             Starla Treznoski, SI Policy Operations Mgr., Department of Labor & Industries

What's New, What's Not: Recent Appellate Decisions (2022)
             Lynn D.W. Hendrickson, Assistant Chief Industrial Appeals Judge, BIIA 

IME Rules Update (2022)
             Nancy Adams, Operations Manager, SF, Department of Labor & Industries

Legislative Update (2022)
             Joe Kendo, Government Affairs Director, Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Labor and Industries:  Your Partner in Language Access (2022)
             Zugey García, Multilingual Service Manager, Department of Labor & Industries,
            Angelique Guppy, Language Access Manager, Department of Labor & Industries, 

Vocational Recovery – What It Is and What It Is Not (2022)
           Vickie Kennedy, VP, Workers’ Compensation, Linea Solutions 
           Ryan Guppy, Director of Work Disability Prevention, Linea Solutions

Calculated Benefits (2022)
           Kelli Zimmerman, SI Training Supervisor, Department of Labor & Industries
           Brad Gunderson, SI Trainer, Department of Labor & Industries

WA State Medical Treatment Guidelines (2022)
           Zach Gray, SI Medical Treatment Guidelines, Department of Labor & Industries

Select BIIA Significant Decisions 2020-2021 and Recent Decisions of Interest (2022)
           Lynn D.W. Hendrickson, Assistant Chief Industrial Appeals Judge, BIIA

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